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Christmas and New Year in Hong Kong


All through December 2005 there is a strong northeast Monsoon wind in the South China Sea, so we couldn't make the decision to cross over with 'Alexandra' to Hong Kong. A disappointment because we wanted to see and experience something there of the atmosphere around Christmas. But we could arrange a last minute ticket, so we were there a week starting Boxing Day.

It is the first time we visit this world city and the atmosphere is great: safe, good public transport and a choice of interesting places and buildings to visit. The Christmas decorations in the shops and shopping centres are overwhelming and in the evening there is a feast of lights everywhere. All buildings are illuminated and every night at 8 pm there is a spectacular sound and light show with light, laser and sound coming from the high rise on both sides of the harbour of Hong Kong.

The last few hours of 2005 we stroll along several squares and areas in Hong Kong where there is music, dance, cabaret and mime on play and where you can sit and look around enjoying the lightened city. At ten minutes to twelve the Peninsula Hotel darkens all her lights and after the counting down there is a heavy beat on a big gong, some coloured rockets and once of a sudden there is all the light back again: welcome in 2006!

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