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Philippines - From Cebu an 'expedition' to Bohol


The first half of April 2006 we are in the small marina of the Cebu Yacht Club on Mactan Island. We bring the sails for repair and checks to the sail maker (Hyde Sails) and order new 'low maintenance' batteries on board. The 'Alexandra' is flushed very well and so there are more jobs to do. But it is terribly hot in the marina where there is no wind and a daily smog due to wood fires, the power plant  (coals) and piles of burning car tires. Time for a break: by ferry to Bohol island.

We take lodgings in the tropical jungle of the Nuts Huts resort on the banks of Loboc River. A beautiful place with views on the river, the palms and big hibiscus flowers. By motorbike we explore the center of Bohol and see the 'chocolate hills', a landscape with round hills on which the scrub turns brown very soon by lack of water. A special natural phenomenon. On Loboc River we do a trip by banca to the (small) waterfall.

Next is our acquaintance with the 'tarsiers': these are NO monkeys, but the smallest mammals/primates in the world, they are found only in the Philippines and Indonesia. Most interesting features are their big eyes, the out sticking ears, a long tail and very developed fingers and toes. They fit in the palm of your hand, leap five meters, rotate their heads almost 360 degrees and move their ears  in the direction of sound. More info on or make a search for 'tarsiers'.

After the Easter we still have two weeks before our visa for the Philippines expire. From Cebu we sail along the reefs north of Bohol, we visit Limasawa and Panaon Island, both on the south of Leyte and Surigao on the northeast corner of Mindanao is our last 'port of call' before leaving the coastal waters of the Philippines.
Next destinations are Helen Reef (south of Palau), Irian Jaya and Darwin in Australia.

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