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Papua New Guinea - Oro Province


Friday October 1, 2004 we enter new sailing grounds. Northwest of the Louisiades archipelago we pass in between d'Entrecasteaux isles and the 'mainland' of PNG. A few days stop-over in Sewa Bay at Normanby Island. Next onwards to the 'fiordland' near Tufi (Cape Nelson). This is a part of the Oro Province with its different culture. We meet a lot of friendly people, listen to the stories of Oro Province, and we are able to trade for fresh fruits and veges as well as artefacts like tapa cloths and original shell necklaces and baskets. The deep inlets with steep cliffs and green hills resemble a 'fiord-land' although this area has never seen a block of ice, these fiords have a volcanic origin. We make several dives on beautiful reefs with terrific coral growth and an abundance of large and small fish. Several reef-sharks and one hammerhead shark are spotted. We enjoy this part of tropical paradise under and above sea level.
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