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The Philippines: more than 7000 islands

Februari 22th 2005: we leave from Palau. A few miles outside the passage through the west reef of Palau we catch a beautiful mahi mahi fish. And once inside the Philippine waters we make a few stop-overs to discover the new country and culture. At the sari-sari stores we buy fresh fruits and vegies and between Nonoc and Sibale island we discover a 391m long wooden footbridge! On both sides is a village with friendly people. Near the bridge we see a lot of fishtraps.
In Padre Burgos at southeast Leyte we make two brilliant dives on a reefwall in Sogod Bay. Beside the roadtransport  is a 'banca' the boat of the Filipino's. The small canoes and the bigger motorised boats have both on starboard as on  port outriggers.

Cebu City is a bustling town with a lot of traffic and people. On our historical tour we find the monument that honors the seafarer Magellan. In 1521 he had planted in name of the King of Spain a crusifix on the coast near what is now Cebu City. The crucifix on show stands in a stone rotunda with paintings on the ceiling that shows the historic event. Fort San Pedro is also very well  preserved. It was built in 1565 to keep a lookout for pirates (the Dutch, the Portuguese, the English). An exposition shows the recent excavated artifacts of the man-of-war 'San Diego' sunk by Olivier van Noort!
With 'Alexandra' we stay a day of 10 in the Cebu Yachtclub on near Mactan Island. After seven months it is the first time we have shorepower and a waterhose on board.

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