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The Philippines: Rice terraces in northern Luzon and swimming with orcas

Starting April 21st 2005 we sail along the coasts of Mindoro island. On the housereef of the basic but real nice resort of Pandan island the small turtles live in a secluded protected area  till they have grown up to find their own ways around. In Sablayan city many colourfull bancas are moored on both sides of the river. Apo Reef shows us an overwhelming abundance of underwater life and in Puerto Galera the Yacht Club is the central meeting place for (ex) sailors.

A short visit to Manila and a landtour by car bring us in north Luzon where we hike through the beautiful and unique rice terraces and get in contact with the people and culture of the 'Mountain Province'.

On the north shore of Subic Bay we have the opportunity to swim with orcas (false killer whales)!

Browse in the new photo gallery of Mindoro and Luzon.
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