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Half January 2006 we arrive on the north coast of Busuanga, an island of the Calamian group north of Palawan island. In Maricaban Bay we are very much welcomed in the 'El Rio y Mar' resort where 'Tequila Mike' is carefully starting the Maricaban Bay Cruising Club. There are seven moorings in de bay now, on one of which we can tie up 'Alexandra' for a small fee per night. In the bar, terrace and restaurant of the peaceful resort they have special facilities and prizes for 'yachties'. We also get a lot of info about the Calamian area so that we are well prepared to do a safe and interesting cruising along Busuanga, Coron and Culion islands.

The church in little town Culion is a remnant of the Spanish era and the view from the church over the reef is magnificent. The Calamian islands are less densely populated as the other areas in the Philippines, but is still fascinating to sail along the huts, houses and bancas of the villages. As everywhere in the Philippines the 'jeepneys' transport people and goods and the town of Coron is the centre where most of the tourists start. The huge Bay of Coron is famous for the Japanese wrecks that are daily visited by scuba divers.

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